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Interview with Lisa...in her words....

'Did you know that a non-smoker can get lung cancer? I didn't either.

I was a healthy and active 48 year old, working out regularly and walking every day when I started experiencing shortness of breath. One August day I took a short walk with my friend and couldn't make it around the block without sitting on the curb to catch my breath. My dear friend insisted this was not normal and that I go home and call the doctor IMMEDIATELY and report back as soon as I had made an appointment! No excuses! 😂 

This led to first being misdiagnosed with walking pneumonia, but after two weeks of treatment when my breathing hadn't improved, my doctor ran a few more tests including a CT scan that showed a suspicious mass in my left lung. A subsequent biopsy uncovered Stage IV non smoker's lung cancer that had metastasized to my brain and bones. My family and I were completely shocked and  devastated by this news, especially when we learned the median survival for this kind of cancer was just over 3 years. 

Now that 3 year milestone is just a few months away; thanks to research, new drug development and clinical trials, that timeline has been pushed out to 6.8 years or more! Although I am SO grateful for the time I've had and all the love and laughter you have all given me over the last 2.5 years....I still need a miracle to save my life and others.'

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About Lisa's Lads and Lasses

ALK Positive is a patient-led organization dedicated to improving the life expectancy and quality of life for ALK-positive cancer patients worldwide. It is the first known patient-led group to, through fundraising, finance groundbreaking research and clinical trials, as well as increase patient education. Let us all help Lisa!